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Minnesota Storm Weekly Recap - Week 1!


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Welcome to the Minnesota Storm Weekly Recap! We will be going over what is happening to the Storm and how they are doing in the VHLM each week. Week 1 has the start of the VHLM, so lots of excitement about the first few games.


VHLM Dispersal Draft:


Minnesota Receives:
S79 MIA 6th

Miami Receive:
S80 MIN 6th


Comment: Just a simple pick swap. We were looking to get more picks for this season.


Draft Picks:


R2 Pick 22: Logain Ablar
R5 Pick 58: Alexei Volkov
R5 Pick 60: I Mine Crypto
R6 Pick 61: Jeremy D
R6 Pick 70: Emi Spector
R7 Pick 82: Buddy Elf


Comment: We didn't have a lot to work with this draft. Fortunately, we were able to grab a familiar face back in Crypto. We are happy with the players we have selected.


Waiver Additions:


Minnesota Storm welcomes  Nayt Bedard to the team!
Minnesota Storm also welcomes Finn Davis to the team!


Comment: Bedard and Davis are two great players that were picked up from waivers. They are already making a huge impact on the scoresheet. We can't wait to see how they will grow throughout the season.


Overall Record:


In 6 games played we are 2-4-0 for 4 points which results in being last in our conference. A slow start, but we aren't going to go quietly. Caleb Gaudette leads the team in points and is tied in goals with Finn Davis.


Player of the week: Caleb Gaudette - 6GP - 5 Goals - 6 Assists - 11 Points

Great job Gaudette! See you all next week for another edition of the Minnesota Storm Weekly Recap!

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