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Malmo’s team, plus some new signings


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       Malmo has ended up having a wild off-season, but not in the way many were thinking. While many would have predicted trades to be the topic of discussion, this is not the case as Malmo hasn't made a single trade the entire off-season. The bigger news ended up being that Malmo didn’t move any of their 3 1st round picks. As the draft went on, it became clear that the picks weren’t gonna move. This ended up being a great thing as Malmo got an arguably top 5 player in the draft, as well as 2 more solid late 1sts. In this media spot, I’ll be going over what Malmo roster looks like, as well as breaking it down by position.


Signings in Malmo

       There were so many teams looking to get Odinsson from free agency, but with the luck of a dice spin (literally), Odinsson ended up in Malmo. This was a massive signing for the Nighthawks, which really solidified the forward group not only in this season, but down the road as well. The signing helped solidify the forward core in my opinion. Odinsson already has 7 points in his first 3 games with Malmo, and I’m sure hylands will be eyeing to extend him next off-season. Kamenov also decided to sign back with Malmo for what will be his final season, after receiving offers from both Malmo and Moscow. Hylands found his backup goalie as he signed Carson to a deal to give Tretiak some help.


Right Wing

     Odinsson and Deathwalker will man the right side this year. Deathwalker is coming off of a breakout season, as he put up 58 points last season. This may be tough to maintain for the short term for Druss. With the plethora of forwards now, there’s only so many points to go around. But Druss will remain one of the tough guy forwards that has no trouble putting up some points. Mourning joins the team as a rookie this year after being drafted later than many expected. His playoff performance in the M last year shows he has all the potential to be a 1st line forward in the future. 



     The center position may have the least amount of ‘star power’ compared to RW and LW, but depth is not lacking here one bit. Sosa can run a top line no problem, and come out the other side consistently getting a point per game. Or in this season’s case, 9 points in 3 games. Dayne has a solid enough build to play comfortably on the second line, and has 2 points in his first 3 games this season. Dayne is coming off of back to back 30G+ and 50A+ seasons, but he is getting older,  so no one will be upset if either of these stats isn’t achieved this year. 


Left Wing

    The left side certainly has its fair share of big names for Malmo, with Muffbeav and Telker leading the way. Both of these players notched 40+ goals last season. With the growth of Druss, and the addition of Odinsson, wing is without a doubt Malmo’s strongest position. Steel joins the left side as he enters his rookie season in the big leagues. He’s coming off a massive 110 point season in the M, and could prove to be a great depth or 2nd line winger.



      This is probably Malmo’s weakest on paper position, but there’s plenty of potential on the back end. Lead one more time by Kamenov, he’s still the main centrepiece in terms of tpe. Kamenov has had 3 seasons in a row of 40A+, and it wouldn’t shock me at all if he extends that streak to 4 seasons. Sova is coming off a great rookie season, where he had 40 points. 2 assists through his first 3 games is an early sign he could easily beat that in his second season. Sova is the main centrepiece of the future on the backend, so expectations for him aren’t super high at this moment, but growth will continue be a priority for him. 


     Wu and Wakaro both come in for another season to provide some more depth. Wu enters his third season with Malmo, as he had a bit of a drop of season last year compared to his first year with Malmo. Wu will be hoping for closer to 50 points again this year. Wakaro is an older more depth player for Malmo, but he’s already got 2 assists in 3 games this season. Wakaro could be looking to beat his season best of 36 points. Malmo also have 2 rookie defencemen to introduce. JaredN Jr, and Ranogajec. Ranogajec was a late 2nd round pick from S77. His last 2 seasons in the M saw him put up really great numbers in Philly. JaredN Jr joined Ranogajec last year in Philly as well, and had an insane 98 point season from the blue line. Both of these young players have the potential to be great top 4 d man. 



    This is another position that Malmo is very strong in not only this year, but going forward. With Malmo’s defense not quite up to some other teams high end offense Tretiak may suffer GAA wise. To add to it, it looks like Malmo will have many high scoring affairs this season, just with the way the team is built. Despite all that, Tretiak is still one of the top goalies in the league. We’ll see how well his stats fair this season. Carson comes in to back up Tretiak as I stated before, Carson went 8-0-1 as the backup for Prague last season, so there probably wasn’t a better guy hylands could have gotten for the job. 


     Overall, I really like what the team looks like this year. We may not be looked at as top cup contenders, but I think most people around the league have to agree that Malmo is a dark horse at the very minimum now. I enjoyed writing this article, and I hope my teammates, as well as others enjoy reading it too!


Lets have a great season MALMOOOOOOOOOOO:mal:

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44 minutes ago, Telkster said:

with the luck of a dice spin (literally), Odinsson ended up in Malmo.

LOL seriously??? That’s awesome, well done BOOM. There’s a story to be told there. 

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