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Minion's presents #5-7 hype up

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In about a week I plan to drop Minion present five as of right now I have no date for it, however back in minion presents four I did an interview with Z and I loved doing something like that so I Want to start a topic in all of the future minion presents called Minion Interview It will be a sub topic of mine as I have topics on all my interview anyways heres the topics of my next three minion Presents 

Minion Presents #5 Time for some Big name Interviews       date:  monday august 2 2021 

Minion Presents #6 Minions all stars                                        date:  Wensday August 18 2021

Minion Presents #7 VHLM playoffs predictions  Season 79   date: The day before playoffs

if you wish to be interview Leave a comments saying you want to I will have 10(seven are filled already) spots open for #5 and then Six spots open

for 6 and 7

#6 0/6 spots filled

#7 0/6 spots filled


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