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Omi Aberg draft experience


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Omi Aberg, a former Ottawa Lynx player this off-season could have participated in 2 different drafts and he did! First, in the morning he was selected by Houston Bulls in the 2nd round, but after this draft, he was getting ready for the 2nd draft which was the VHL draft and he got selected in the 1st round by Vancouver Wolves.

2021 NHL Draft Live Blog: Hughes brothers unite in New Jersey - Times News  Express

Omi Aberg after the Vancouver draft pick.


He woke up that morning and he felt - this is the day to make some history. And it was! It was Aberg's day to enjoy his junior's career coming to end and him graduating to something bigger - VHL. The only problem is, that he is going to continue playing in VHLM for this season and then he will most likely join the newly created VHLE league, so in that way, probably not that bigger. Nonetheless, it was a huge day for him and he started it in the Islands at home, at 7 am with a beer in his hands, and was watching the VHLM draft. Aberg was pretty angry at some general managers that passed upon him because he thought that he still has a lot to prove in the small league and he is not planning on leaving, but he fell to 2nd round and he was picked by Houston Bulls. Interestingly, Omi Aberg's first hockey opponents were the Bulls. Only the real ones, because on the islands people didn't know how to play hockey. That is why he is a bull himself and he will fit in the team perfectly. He had a phone call with the management after the draft, even though it was easily understandable that Aberg was pretty drunk and he didn't talk sense, that's why Houston Bulls GM arranged the meeting for a later date because it made sense. It was 11 am in the Islands but he was already drunk. Luckily, the VHL draft was a few hours later, so he was able to sober up a little bit. Mainly because there was a film crew with potential first-rounders and Aberg was a part of them. He had a couple of calls from different teams, but nothing direct, so he didn't really know where he was going. One by one pick was coming until it was time for the Vancouver pick. Aberg was pretty sure that he wouldn't be picked by Wolves, mainly because he wasn't a part of their shortlist and he wasn't in the mock drafts a part of Wolves. The clock ticks and it is time for Wolves to make the decision. THE VANCOUVER WOLVES SELECT 50-YEAR-OLD OMI ABERG FROM THE ISLANDS. And it felt really damn well for Aberg to hear that. He made the big league and he was able to continue his old-hood dream - to become a VHL star.


The first brick in this road has been put in - get drafted in the league. The expectations are big because Aberg got drafted in the 1st round, but if he will be able to keep up with the expectations - only time will tell.

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