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A boy from Zeeland and Season Two


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The Dutch boy landed on his bed, a loud sigh emanating from his mouth as he did so. Everything on the way home so far had been rumbling: from getting updated on the terms of the Kings to the news of being elected team captain, not to mention the draft, the one that saw him go fourteenth to the Chicago Phoenix. It was all too hectic and he sure enough could just use a break.


But then, he realized that he had already gone through a break, he had already visited his friends and family back in the Netherlands and was now stuck in Mexico for the foreseeable future. A cough. He opened his eyes ever so slightly, noticing a girl. Dark-hair, tanned skin, should be around his age or so. By the two seconds that followed, Sunrise rolled out of the bed, grabbing his bearings back, finding the girl to be not too worried about her situation, which made him even more worried for his own safety. "Who are you? How did you get here?" the blonde asked, trying to find some sort of object for self-defense, only for the girl to play it down. "Will you calm down, gringo? I'm only present to help you with Spanish" She said with a smile on her face, offering her hand for a shake. "My name is Luz, I'm the daughter of the team's secretary. Nice to meet ya."


Sunrise rose an eyebrow before clicking two fingers, snapping his memory back up. "Right! I was supposed to get some help with Spanish so that my career wouldn't be in jeopardy or something to the tones of that, yes. But how did you make it inside here? I thought this apartment was well-locked and safe." Luz' smile enlarged as she started to recall her way in. "Well, the team entered in contact with your place's security and they let me in earlier today so that I could be here when you showed up." The Dutch one rose an eyebrow, his thoughts directed towards the subject at hand. While that meant that the situation was probably fine, he couldn't help but worry about his safeness if someone else got ideas about visiting him without warning him, given he was, after all, away from the security of home in Zeeland. By the end of it, he accredited her presence and aid towards the mission of improving his Spanish skills.


Hours later, the two were talking normally. It seemed like Sunrise was now opening up to the girl, maybe because he was probably a bit more relaxed from the adventures of the media not too long before that. "So, you've just accepted the offer to play professionally like that? No questions or anything?" Luz asked to him, curiosity on her face. The currently-appointed captain could only reply with a nod before letting out a little laugh thanks to the silliness of the thought. "Yeah. Dreams are a funny thing, aren't them? I just decided to play for a living and... well, here I am."


Luz chuckled. "You're a funny guy, y'know that?"


Sunrise grinned. "Yeah. Even funnier on ice. You should watch me play one day."

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On 7/26/2021 at 2:42 PM, Tate said:

I like the use of bolding the letters and color, but what I don't quite understand is the changes between black and green.

Thanks for the review! I probably should make that known with a tidbit earlier on the post but it was meant to represent two different characters. Black lines are from Sunrise, green ones are from Luz. Not sure if I'll keep that as a thing because blind people would struggle with that.

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