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Reflecting on the Career of Griff Manzer


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Well, well well, what a time to be alive.  You, the reader, are witnessing an actual point task by Garsh.  I think there is a saying that goes “Born too late to explore the Earth, born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to explore a Garsh media spot.”  Something like that.  Today I will be reflecting on my first player, the late, great Griff Manzer.


To truly understand Griff, I’ll talk for a moment about getting myself started in the VHL.  Griff was created October 4th 2019, I believe he was the last person created for the S69 (nice) draft class.  People started creating for S70 on October 7th.  Yup, I missed the cutoff by 3 days.  Mind you, this was before the catch up TPE existed.  I was starting as fresh as fresh can be.  Now if you are thinking to yourself, “Garsh, surely someone told you to retire and recreate to get an extra season.”, you would be correct.  @Renomitsu did mention this to me during my second week.  I didn’t really understand what Reno meant, so like most things I don’t understand I ignored it.  Also Will had to manually create Griff’s thread, this has nothing to do with anything else but it is unique in today's modern VHL.


I bring up how late I created because I think when you consider how much time I threw away, Griff actually did alright for himself.  He was drafted by @Beaviss in the second round at number 23. Here are his VHL career totals:




























He only had a 6 season VHL career because of spending so much time in the VHLM.  I had the option to come up a season before I did, I think I ended up skipping most of the training camp TPE and stayed down. I think I mostly took Beav’s advice on staying down.  It’s interesting to think what could have been with another season, but he would have been coming in at somewhere between 250 and 260 TPE, and he probably would have been playing 3rd line minutes.  Certainly he most likely would have gotten more hits and SB.  Manzer had a pass first play style for much of his career so at least some more assists probably would have come his way as well.  Who knows though, the possibilities are endless, I could have doubled my short handed goals!  Some other things to consider about Griff’s stat line: 1)He primarily played on the second line for most of his career.  2)He led or was in the hunt for leading the team in shots blocked every season.  3)Vancouver was a good team in Griff’s time, making the playoffs every season but 1 he was there (preventing inflation of shots blocked)


While I never expect @Victor to ring me up and tell me, “Hey my dude, Griff Manzer is being inducted to the Hall of Fame, congrats!” (I’m pretty sure this is how Victor talks).  I feel good about how Griff turned out.  In @GustavMattias recent S69 redraft he had Griff moving up into the first round and being picked at number 12.  I do wonder how him moving up so far reflects on the draft class as a whole, but I’ll leave that topic to the big brained VHL scholars out there.  


I feel that Griff was a good player, and I am very happy with how his career went. I think he would have been an asset for pretty much any team.  I also feel that he can also serve as an example of the kind of player that people can expect from me.    My earnings aren’t capped, but they are consistent and I think that will help GMs draft my future players appropriately.


P.S. Griff’s retirement is what cause Beav to leave.  “Pics or it didn’t happen” you say?  I got your pic right here baby!


652 words and will be using this as my PT for the extra birthday stuff

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1 hour ago, Garsh said:

I do wonder how him moving up so far reflects on the draft class as a whole, but I’ll leave that topic to the big brained VHL scholars out there.  


I'm not surprised at all, honestly. There are a few classes where you might have been a bit lower down (S66 comes to mind but maybe that's just my own bias talking) but S69 wasn't a bad season at all. There will always be people who disappear early on or drop off in earning, so as someone who kept up a respectable earning pace for an entire career you were bound to move up for sure.


As a reference point, consider that you went 13th last season, right about where you were in the redraft. This time around GMs know what they're getting and value that around a late 1st (which I'd agree with in general).

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4 hours ago, Garsh said:

“Hey my dude, Griff Manzer is being inducted to the Hall of Fame, congrats!” (I’m pretty sure this is how Victor talks

I do overuse the words "my dude" so this is pretty accurate actually 

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