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the chaos before and during the draft.


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I know the draft has been over for a while now but things have been a little hectic for me at home, but now that it's deadline day I need to get this done. This draft was way more crazy than my first where I was going in with a first time player and people had to gamble on whether I would stay active or not, and of course we know the answer to that now. Now that I'm an established earner and good person (I like to think so at least) my players will have a lot more value attached to them. I like many others had a number of teams in the first round approach me and in general I was open to all of them, told them draft me if you like me and the such, I wanted every GM to know that I would keep earning for them no matter what.


Enter 30 minutes before the draft when Eno tells me he's looking to get a first round draft pick right around where my player should go. Eno is basically the reason I'm here and I really want to play for the dragons at some point in one of my players careers. Suddenly it turns into a "don't draft me" situation, Eno took care of most of the work, I had to tell Seattle not to take me, and then Peace DM's me and tells me he can get a first round pick and get me, of course at this point I'm trusting Eno will get that first round pick so I tell him no as well. I'm sure you know where this is going, Eno doesn't get the pick and who drafts me? The Titans, GM'd and AGM'd by Rayzor and Hatter. I have no shame in saying that I believe they are the best GM and AGM pairing in the league. What's also crazy is now in four drafts, I have been drafted by Rayzor three times, by Minny twice and Titans once. I knew Rayzor wouldn't pass on me and it's all thanks to Eno that I slid far enough down for him to get me. Eno was actually trying to trade for Rayzor's draft pick but he wasn't having any of it. It's also because of him that my rival slapshotdragon got drafted ahead of me, darn you Eno. I will also note that right when I was drafted the power went off in my house lol. Fun times.


@Enorama @Rayzor_7@Mr_Hatter@SlapshotDragon @Peace Y'all are mentioned here.


(word count 420)

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