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I am now boring lol

- I am no longer the vibrant new member with creative juices flowing through my mind. I don't say that in a depressing manner either; Although it was great fun assembling monster media spots with extensive preparation on a weekly basis, I feel like I'm settling nicely into a position where I'm looking in from the outside on the amazing content creators of today's VHL. I started making scouting articles when no one else was, other than the VSN Mock Drafts that came along once a season. VSN Scouting wasn't even a thing yet. Nowadays, scouting content is regular and thriving in the community, whether it be VSN Scouting or independant writers giving their opinions on the draft. 


Let's talk about Nils

- Honestly, I'm pretty happy with Nils' performance so far this season. Five points in six games is a nice step up from last season, and my linemates have been absolutely pooping off as well. The more I look at the makeup of this Calgary team, the more I think that there's a strong chance that S79 is THE season. I will certainly be trying to do my part by max earning all season and improving in any way possible. I look back on my cup in Riga, and there has truly been no other experience like it in the VHL. The way the locker room just exploded was unforgettable, and definitely one of the moments I'll take with me when I look back on my time in the VHL. Anyways, it's a little early for cup talk. The point is that I'm happy to see Nils doing well, and the team is looking like a real contender this season.


That's about it, thanks for stopping by.

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