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Toronto Endures Changes, Off to 6-0 Start


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Since last season's trade deadline, it's been interesting times for the Toronto Legion. Nicholas Sunderbruch was traded away at the deadline last season, and so was Gunnar Odinsson. Then, Kristof Welch was shipped out in the off-season. Deals around last season's trade deadline also saw Jolly Green Giant and Oh Sens leave, with Addison McLaren and Han Jae Kuk joining the team.


The departures of both Odinsson and Welch, reportedly, were not on great terms and given the Legion's struggles especially after a hot start, there were serious question marks surrounding the team. Their GM, however, was adamant that the team wouldn't be rebuilding. The Legion were able to get a solid return for Welch in the off-season and used those picks to help bring in Vick Fairchild, Aurelien Moreau, and Mikey Harris, leaving a much different but still pretty solid looking roster.


Of course, after last season it'd be foolish to draw any conclusions after just a few games, but the Legion have to at least be encouraged that the early part of the season has gone well after some discouraging times going back to the massive slump the team endured in the middle of S78. They're getting scoring from everywhere in the lineup and are out to a 6-0 start. The next step for this new-look Legion squad will be keeping up the pressure and continuing to play good hockey the rest of the way.

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