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The S79 VHL draft is over, and the season has already started. I have not talked about the draft that much as I claimed an older media spot last week for TPE, so I decided to write some thoughts about the draft now.


I was drafted in the first round by Riga Reign!  Getting picked in the first round is a nice achievement. On top of that, I was picked quite early at sixth overall. I know me being a defender more than likely had something to do with it. There wasn't a huge amount of ''high'' TPE draftee defenders in this year's draft, so that opened the door for me to get picked this early.  I don't mind.


What comes to Riga as a team, I landed in a solid place. Riga is built to win games and championships now. That is all you can ask for as a young player. To get a chance to win this early in your career? Can't beat that.  


The talks I had with the Riga management before the draft were positive. I felt I was able to communicate what I'm all about as a player, and I also got a clear picture of what Riga as a team is going to do in the near future. Of course, it's still a long way from there to getting drafted, but it feels nice to get into a place that you already know, kind of. All I need to do now is to follow the plan.


Getting picked early brings pressure and expectations. No team picks a player at sixth overall and hopes the player is a ''depth'' piece. Something like that might be the case early on as drafted players play in slightly smaller roles. However, in the long run, the early picks are expected to be key players. Do I have what it takes? I like to think so. I have improved at a steady pace for a long time, so from my point of view, there is no reason why I won't be worth the sixth overall pick.




To the end, few words about my expectations for my career. I want to win championships and be part of a team that can compete. Like I mentioned earlier, Riga is that team. I think the team will surprise quite a few this season. When you look at the roster, there are no weaknesses. Riga has a real chance to win the championship. If and when that happens, that would be hell of a start to my career.


Other than that, I would like to be known as one of the best offensive defenders in the league. The offensive game is my game. I want to be a powerplay specialist and a player who can make a difference on the ice. I want to take responsibility. I want to have the puck on my stick as much as possible. I'm not afraid to make risky plays or show a little bit of individual skill. I believe the game of hockey is too tactical sometimes. I will do all I can to try to bring artistry into hockey.

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