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Dissapointement at WJC


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Well I'm pretty pumped to have won my first ever medal in international play. I didn't get to win anything in international play with my previous player so this was big for me to win silver. 


Team Canada ended up playing really well in the round robin series and even managed to squeeze out a first round bye. Despite the strong round robin we didn't follow it up too well in the playoffs as we just barely beat Team Asia in a one goal game that ended 3-2 to get to the gold medal game against Team Europe. Team Europe was just so strong this year and we knew we would have to bring our A game in order to beat them. However, we struggled to score on them and they beat us 4-2. But, they were the favourites to win it from the very beginning so there wasn't really any surprise there. 


This was however the last showing for me in the WJC as I won't be able to qualify for the tournament next year as i'm already above the 350 TPE mark, so it was a little dissappointing to get all the way to the finals to only fall short. Hey maybe i'll one day be able to make it up at the World Cup and win gold there. 

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