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Why will Mississauga win everything in the VHLM this year?

Baby Boomer

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Why will Mississauga win everything in the VHLM this year?


Well obviously we will win because we have the better team, but why do we have the better team? I will start with our goalie, Luke Spinelli. There are only two other goalies with max TPE in the VHLM right now and both of them have a good team in front of them, Tobias Reinhart and Bastian Greiss. These three will fight for the best goalie in the league all year long. For our defensive group, we may not have the best player individually, but we have the best group of players. They can all contribute offensively and they are all really good defensively as they are all in the plus. To finish, this is not even a question that we clearly have the best forwards. We actually have four players at 250 TPE and two others will have 250 TPE very soon. Only the Philadelphia Reapers have forwards at 250 TPE and they have three of them and two who will have 250 TPE soon. The difference between the Hounds and the Reapers is that the Hounds don’t have players under 100 TPE that can slow down the team. So this is why the Mississauga Hounds will win the Founder’s Cup this year.

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