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So a bit of explanation is needed here. I usually do some online racing and the racing I do spans multiple series. One of the series I run is the IMSA Endurance series. My team and I run 24 Hour races pretty regularly averaging twice a month depending on the track. We drive the Dallara P217 in these events. The cool thing is that you can make your own paint schemes for these races and I thought it would be cool to run a VHL/Vancouver Wolves paint on the car for a race. It took me longer than it really should have but considering I've never made a paint for a car before I thought it turned out ok. All I ask is that you be gentle and I really hope this is accepted as a graphic considering I had to do the normal steps for graphics but its on a car instead of a poster.






I added a few regular hockey sponsors as well as the VHL logo and Vancouver logo/Banner

I used Vancouver as the color scheme for this as well and I really love the white grey and black of the base layer as well as the pattern I made.


Also don't worry this will not be a regular thing its only a one off because thought it would be cool to introduce something I like to do outside of VHL and combine them together

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Really like this concept. It’s nice to see something different other then hockey related cards or banners, I would recommend moving NHL logo down to where the P2 logos are over the front wheels for a better ascetic feel.

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