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Bana Blabs #20


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I don’t think I really have to do one of these as I got a full week from donations but I need that magical number of Bana Blabs to keep climbing! Back to work for me this week and onto a 10 day shift (what it always is). I don’t know what’s going on but ever since I think Saturday or Sunday the hearing in my right ear has been pretty weird. Kinda like I’m under water or like it’s blocked or something. Weird. Concerning. Lots been going on in VHL and regular season is GOING! LETS GO!


  • Bears suck. We were in last place. Chicago is now in last place. I’d imagine after this sim Seattle is back in last place. That’s okay. We usually start off kinda rough and it’s obviously very early in the season.
  • Toronto is flying high again out of the gates with an impressive record. I haven’t really taken a look at their roster but know they did move lots while also maybe trying to bring some other stuff in? I was very surprised at their finish last season and expected them to do well. 
  • Most Bears are doing well this season in terms of offensive helpfulness :P my player isn’t and it’s a little surprising after the season she had last season and her build being mostly the same. I don’t care too much if she does amazing, but if she does amazing it usually translates into helping the team be more amazing. Hope she can figure things out here in the next few sims! :) 

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Love to see the Bana Blabs articles every week, I like to lurk around the forums waiting for these. Real easy article format to follow, and maybe not the best thought out, but isn't that the point? Anyways I'd recommend getting some ear drops and maybe seeing a doctor to get an antibiotics prescription in case it's an ear infection, please take care of your health brother. Anyways another quality entry from the man the myth the legend, Bana. r8 8/8 or 10/10

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