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The tenth chapter of Baby Bob's life ( A beginning no one expected )

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Hello everyone,


Welcome to the tenth chapter of Baby Bob's life story. In this life story we will talk about the life of Baby, when he was young, his thoughts and his impressions before the drafts, during the seasons and during the playoffs. Baby Bob will also respond to questions from the fans, from the Gms and from the leaders of the VHL and the VHLM. In this chapter, we will talk about the start of the second season in the VHLM of Baby Bob’s career. He is in his second season with the Mississauga Hounds and this year, the team is supposed to be very very good and is playing for the Cup.


The Hounds have now played ten games and are 7-2-1 for a total of 15 points. The team is actually tied in first place in their conference with the Halifax 21st and second in the league just behind the Mexico City Kings who have 18 points in 10 games. The Mississauga Hounds had a good start to the season even though they could have done better.


We reached Baby Bob about that and here is his answer:


« We can’t say that we had a bad start to the season, because we are tied for second in the league which is still very good, but with the players we have and the team we built, we need to do better. There are some games that we lost that we should not have. I think that we need to improve as a group and as a hockey team to play like we should. »


Now that we talked about the team, it is time to talk about the player we are currently following, Baby Bob. Baby did not have the first six matches he expected, where he only had 3 goals and 6 points with a differential of plus 1. After these six games, Baby Bob had a little introspection, he talked with his agent and his relatives to see what he could change and do better. In my opinion and I think that I am not the only one who has this opinion, I think that this little talk Baby had really really helped him. Effectively, in his last four games, Bob had 4 goals and 10 points and is plus 7. His game really improved and you can see in his stats, but also in his game that he worked on himself.


We asked him what he thought about his beginning of the season:


« Well four games from now i was not really proud of what i was doing, but now i can say that i am happy with my games. I am producing, I am in the positive and I keep improving. The team is not going as expected and we are not winning as much as we would like, but my job is to make the team win all season long and go win the Cup. »


Thanks for reading and see you next week for more of the life story of Baby Bob.


512 words

26 july -  1 august

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Hey babyboomer

Love the hounds talk in the article lets get that out of the way. I love the whole interview your won player idea its cool. and the whole talking about both the team and then the player with the team first because the team always goes first. this article was very realistic to read and fun to read I look forward to reading it next week. I give you a 8.5/10 becuase I couldn't read it in dark mode do to the font and the fact that the article doesn't catch the eye other then that perfect.


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