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Zach Kisslinger II's Hot Start and updates.


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  Kisslinger II has been on a flaming hot start this season, with in just 14 games, he has 11 goals and 20 assists for 31 total points. It seems that Halifax was the perfect fit as his teammates and himself have been on fire. Kisslinger II was also chosen as the teams captain, which he says is a huge honor! He also said, " I did not really expect to come in and become the captain, the team had a great captain before and I was fine without wearing a C or A, But the club and the team had different plans and nominated me as the captain which I mean was a shock, but a huge honor at the same time. I talked to the team after and thanked them for making me the C and I promised I would not let them or the fans down. Being the captain as helped me mature much faster and really focus on the grind to become the best player I can be. Encouraging my teammates to bring out their A game and to constantly improve has been a big part of my schedule.  We have been doing pretty well as a group and I hope we can continue this way."


  We asked Kisslinger II about how he feels about his individual performance so far this season and this is what he had to say, I mean what can you say other than it has been awesome, I have had impact in every game and have been scoring points like crazy, I have to credit my teammates though, If I pass the puck to them they do me the favor and put it in the back of the net ahaha. I do feel like I am going to have a crazy year and hopefully lead my team to the championship. It would be awesome to win the championship since my father, Zachariah Kisslinger never could, and I believe I can do that. I would love to continue this type of individual performance  and I do believe I can, I just need to keep this work ethic up and continue to be myself on the ice. When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything and I know it sounds silly and people say it all the time, but it is true."


  We asked Kisslinger II if he views having a better career than his father a big goal and he said, "well I feel like that is an easy question and the answer is yes, I grew up watching him play hockey and I have always wanted to be better than him. He is actually the reason why I am a forward, I could not stand doing the defense drills and the backwards skating all the time aha. I do want to win championships at every level of the VHL, and it would be nice to be the first VHLE champion whenever that comes around. I want my legacy to be way bigger and better than my fathers." 


506 words, I am in the middle of moving so i could not make it look fancy this week!




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Nice article! I liked the answers and connection between present and past! Like you perhaps mean with the last line, the article could be slightly easier to read with some spacing/work on the layout. Now the answers/quotes are not as easy to read. A picture could be nice. Other than that, good stuff!

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