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Trade Review: WAR-SEA, Jul. 18th 2021


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Trade Review: SEA/WAR


“An In-Depth Breakdown of Blockbuster Trades, and Their Impacts on The Teams”


Trade Details:

SEA Receives: S79 NYA 1st (Sigard Petrenko), S81 WAR 2nd. 


WAR Receives: S79 PRG 1st (Orion D H Chiester IX), Leo Strauss, S79 SEA 3rd (Aina Mortas)




Sigard Petrenko (SEA), S79 7th Overall Pick, RW


The skill-based right winger, who spent two seasons playing in the minor league, is a huge asset in the recent transaction between Seattle and Warsaw. His ability to score goals, make plays, and move the puck shows, plus he’s capable of playing in the S80 VHL season. He’s the type of player the Bears were hoping to get, after giving up star center Leo Strauss in the same trade. Petrenko put up seven goals and 24 points in a limited 13 game stint in Mississauga with the Hounds, while also having tallied 19 goals and 37 points in 30 games the season prior with the Houston Bulls. His build is screaming physical and skilled power forward, like a Tom Wilson. An active member in the VHL community, Petrenko updates frequently. On top of the regular season work, he tallied some big numbers in a playoff run with Houston in S78, notching six goals and nine points in 11 playoff games. A player with real potential to be a star, and on a team where wingers thrive on. Petrenko is ready to have an all star career in Seattle.


Leo Strauss, S74 40th Overall Pick, C


Unlike the young and hungry player that Petrenko is, former Seattle Bears–now Warsaw Predators–center has established himself as a top line candidate on most teams. He’s put up 80+ points in a season before, he recorded a monster rookie season with Toronto notching 25 goals and 71 points. He broke out in S78 with an elevated role in Seattle. His career numbers over seven seasons tell you a lot about the player he is; hard working, skilled centerman who you can build a team around. He may be on the verge of retiring from the VHL, but he can still be of use for Warsaw for a short period of time. They are in full-on win mode now, so Strauss makes them a real front running contender for the Continental Cup. But so is Seattle. Leo’s incredible build showcases just the kind of player he is. Skill, speed, defense, etc… the list goes on. He can bring it all, and a leadership role in a locker room. He’s not very physical however, unlike Petrenko. He could make a case for the Hall of Fame in my eyes, with such an impressive resumé, without the personal accolades. He is a player for a win now team, not a win later-rebuilding team. That’s just what I think. 




Orion D H Chiester IX, S79 13th Overall Pick, G


Big goalie with a great build and alright stats, Orion D H Chiester IX was a great pick up for the Predators. Their limited goaltending situation makes this prospect pickup from the Bears a smart move. Chiester played with Saskatoon and Ottawa while in the minor circuit. He put up some alright numbers with a 13-15-2 record, a .886 save %, and a 3.46 GAA. While with the Wild, he only played four games, with a 0-4 record, a .867 save %, and a 4.22 GAA. He does have room to improve for sure, but so does every other prospect. He was taken quite high for a goalie. But seeing goalies go that high in today’s day and age isn’t all that rare. Orion is quite active, updating weekly and racking in solid updates frequently.  He may be overlooked due to his stats, but he has the potential to be a solid starter in the VHL. Let’s hope he can pan out. 


Aina Mortas, S79 47th Overall Pick, LW


A player with a lot of potential, but also a random add-on to a trade, left winger Aina Mortas was Seattle’s third round pick of S79. He put up some good numbers for where he went, having three goals and seven points in 72 games with the Yukon Rush. A build fit with potential yet boasting low values. He has work to do, but will be in the VHL in around two-three seasons if he updates frequently. Not a bad add-on to the trade, as it boosts the Preds’ prospect pool even more. 






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Great idea on breaking down and reviewing a trade. I think that is pretty original and you did great. I liked how you used colours, it makes it easier to understand what you are thinking.  Usually I would say, that you need a picture, but in this case I don't think it would have been better with pictures.



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