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Calgary Good, Eagles Bad!


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After the first 15 games of the season, we start to see the picture of where Calgary is heading this season and the outlook is good. Calgary has been off to a very good start which has led them to a 3 way tie for first place in the North American Conference. That being said, the North American conference this year over the first few games is very widely contested. Only 6 points separate last place to first place which gives you an idea of how competitive the conference will be this season. Every team has an opportunity to breakout and every bit of change making the playoffs.


In terms of goal differential. Calgary is currently 4th overall in the conference with 48 goals against and 7th in goals for. If there is anything Calgary needs to improve it is their offense. While the forwards have been playing well, the management knows there is room for improvement. Management has faith in the forward group though and know that with a few more games they will all be firing on all cylinders. With still a lot of games left to go, everyone in the Wrangler organization is satisfied with the start to the season.

On the other hand, Tom Eagles, continues to struggle. So much that he had asked to be demoted to the 2nd line in order to get some other players going and to see if he can refocus on his game. Currently through 15 games played, Eagles is only sitting at 9 points with a -3 +/-, 26 hits and 29 shots blocked. This was supposed to be the year Tom broke out for the Wranglers and this was also his goal going into the season. Unfortunately for him, things seem to be going similar to last season where he has not been able to produce like he wants to offensively but also not doing well on the defensive side of the game.


" I sound like a broken record but no matter what I do I just can't seem to get things going" Tom said " I spoke with the management group and I asked them to take me off that top line and see if I can refind that magic on the second pairing. At this point I just believe I am in my head too much about trying to produce and I just need to go back to the basics. I am hoping some time on the second pairing will bring some of my confidence back. I really want to help out our team get to the finals this season but at this pace I am more of a hindrance then a help."

Tom still has plenty of games left to work on his game and adjust. Rumors are that he is working on his skating and puck handling ability to improve his game even more. We will revisit how Tom is doing when we get closer to the end of the season. We believe that he can turn his game around and be able to produce like he did in S77.

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I like how you used a lot of statistics in your media, it helps it easier to understand what you mean. I like how you create a story and you stay with it. You made a lot of paragraph's and it makes it easier to read the text. You could have made the picture a little bit smaller, but other than that, very good job!



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