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What made me want to quit as Nexber

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Hey y'all, some of you might have heard, but, I (Domino, hi) have decided to retire Nexber so I will answer questions that you might have while reading this.



Why did you fucking impale Nexber's career like that?

I was less active so I had to, but, when I had retired, Ray gave me a CHANCE to play on Helsinki.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! Also I wanted a fresh start because I made so 👏 many 👏 mistakes 👏 on Nexber so I wanted Towbaker to be Nexber: but improved, if that makes sense


Why did you name hin Austin Towbaker?

It was the first thing that came into my mind. So sue me.



Why did you choose Ottowa instead of Minnesota? Didn't you play there once? Domino why are you a piece of shi-

1. I felt like I wanted to know more people and again, you say it kids!    *you wanted a fresh strrrrrt"* don't be lazy

2. Yeah I did but it was for a little while, and also I was getting crazy because of how much Minny's logo kinda looks like Silas Sterne

3. I have no idea! Ever since I joined I guess.



haha domino you lost giordano

well you lost eberle and oleksiak stinky



What did you think of the Seattle Expansion draft

I think it went fine (personally) it was weird seeing Eberle in a Kraken jersey 



Are you Running out of ideas?





You can put your own questions and I'll answer them! Please do make it stupid.




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