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Tipton Sig

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Review Time!


I know your style and you like the weird effects haha.  Points for the logo swap even though its a bit crooked.  Not crazy about the font choice but the background effect is pretty cool.  The logos are way too big on the sides, it's quite distracting.  All in all not bad!



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Review: This is a cool graphic. I like the render you chose and it’s cutout nicely. Zooming him in would be a lot better and make him more of the focal point of the graphic. The placement of the logo on his jersey isn’t positioned correctly so I would spend a little more time making sure that’s aligned properly. I absolutely love the font choice and the colouring of the font. Overall it’s a cool graphic and I think if you spend a little more time on it I think it could have been amazing. Rating: 7/10

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Shaggy! Great graphic buddy, although it's quite large and I usually prefer the smaller ones that could be used as signatures, I like this poster-esque graphic you did. With a nice effect and background cutout for the player and good logo swap (although I usually like colour swaps on top as well), I think you did a fine job. I'm not super into the background you used despite it working well with the Moscow colours, but I'd rate this a solid 7/10.

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Shaggy Tipton is one of the few names I remember from my time in Mexico.  I like the theme that you are going for and I dig it! although the player could use a little less "cracks" (?) as he looks like medusa has turned him into stone, might also could've made it a little smaller.  Other than that I really like it! 8/10

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