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Mississauga Ramble


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My player AJ Williams has been having a good time in Mississauga playing for the Hounds. I think it was a good decision staying down to bank another season instead of moving up right away. The Hounds are an amazing team (14-3-1, 2nd in the league) and it has been a lot of fun seeing my player score points every game... 15-14-29 in 18 games played. Being on a line with Petrenko and Numminem, both in the top 5 in the VHLM for assists, is amazing since my player seems to be a sniper this season. I hope the Hounds can continue this league domination and soon take over first place from Mexico.

For the VHL, the Los Angeles Stars are doing great as well. My player was drafted to the Stars 5th overall this past draft. I was going to move up but did not want to have a boring first season being underdeveloped compared to the rest of the league. Los Angeles does not even need me though as they're 1st in the NA. Would be pretty cool to see my team in the M and VHL both make the playoffs and hopefully both make some good runs.


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