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Finally made it to the VHL!

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Review: Very cool that you’re doing graphics. Graphics can be tricky but the more you do them the better you’ll get. The logo swap isn’t great. It’s sized too big and overlaps certain aspects of the player. Not sure what program you use but there are some awesome tutorials out there to help you learn. Letter choice is cool. Graphic is a little dark so don’t be afraid to play with the light levels. I recommend trying out a free program like photopea.com. It’s similar to photoshop but it’s free and I learned how to make decent graphics on there pretty easily. Rating: 5/10

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Review: I would say this is one of your first graphics but hey, It isn't that but, for exemple I really love the font you used. 

But I there are also some problems, the logo on the jersey is too big and it ruins your player and also do not like the background of your graphic, it seems more suited for something more mental related and not somethig about hockey.

But as I've said before I can bet this is one of your first graphics so I know you will for sure get bettee with time. I belive in you mate.

In the end this gets a solid 6 out of a 10. Keep it up mate, I know in the future you will be great.

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