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10 Reasons why Kaberle is the Best Defenseman in the League


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Scotty Kaberle ( @fromtheinside ) is far and away the best defenseman in the league, and I'm here to tell you why in 10 reasons (in no particular order).


1. The dude is a beast on and off the ice. Did you know in his free time he casually helped the Yukon Rush VHLM team win their first cup in three years and 20 seasons?

2. He has the perfection of an offensive defenseman build that every defenseman should aspire to have, and helped guide me to build my player.

3. Loyalty to the core no matter what, and signing a career contract to show that is respectable beyond all means.

4. He doesn't like the Habs.

5. Despite having some down seasons in Toronto, he's consistently putting up really great point totals from the start of his career onwards including being point-per-game so far this season!

6. He loves @BOOM and that's a quality I can get behind in a person.

7. Super friendly guy and has captaincy material written all over him.

8. He tells it like it is, whether it can be hard to hear or not, but not in an aggressive/mean way.

9. He absolutely loved working on Yukon as much as I did, and wanted the team to succeed without over sacrificing assets which is easy to do in management.

10. Wears the nicest cologne around.


Thank you for reading my in-depth and well thought out breakdown of the best VHL defender in the league.

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Absolutely love the article, Kaberle was there I believe either my rookie season with Toronto or my Sophomore, but he was a big part of the success we had at all. I love the guy and I love reason number four, Montreal bad. I also really love the list in general, very clear and concise article about one of the greatest defensemen in the league, and hopefully a hall of fame entry for the lad. Thanks for the quality article Juice my boy, 10/10

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