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Sven Reikkinen: "VHL Referee's Need To Be Held Accountable!"


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While it has been a better start to Season 79 offensively speaking, the London United sophomore defender has come out to talk with media about what he feels are unfair, biased refereeing in particular against himself. Sven was noted as having 0 PIMs last season and is one of a small group of VHL players who pay attention and care about each other on the ice, noted by having a more disciplined approach to the game. Thus far in 18 games this season Sven has already amassed 10 penalty minutes, and the defender isn't exactly happy with what the calls that have put him in the box. He had this to say.


"We have a serious problem in this league where we are in love with penalties because 80 percent of the players play over the edge. I have never taken a penalty in my pro career. I'll maybe give them the interference call against Helsinki because of how over the edge physically that game was. But the cheapies that have been called, two hookings, a holding and a high sticking are all garbage. I'd love to tell you which referee's held these biases against me but according to all the game stat logs "Unknown" is both reffing and working the lines of all our games. I've seen the eyes though, I see the grudges. I don't know who it is that's mad at how damn disciplined I play on the ice but they are. I'll say this UNKNOWN, if you think you can bring down the integrity of my disciplined game with these cheapies, think again!" 


Will there be consequences to Unknown referee's? Unknown at this time. One thing that is known however is that you can't stay penalty free in a league full of max hitters. Eventually somethings going to give. 

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