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matty thunderrrr


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Wow this is an awesome graphic. I'll go through my positives and negatives



+ The logo replacement looks very realistic. No mistakes at all.

+ Player cutout is clean with no visible mistakes.

+ The background is very eye catching, especially the players closeup too.



- The only negative I have is that the name is a bit too busy. Maybe having it a smidge more solid it would, in my opinion, look better. A very minor infraction though.


Overall great work! Bonus point for using Lee as an Isles fan. Keep up the great work!


Score: 9.75/10

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Review: Great work here. Text, logo, colors... all working very well together. There is a lot going on but its eye catching so no real complaint to add.

Hope to see more of this style from you in the future.


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Review: WOW, I love this, thank you for making it.

I really love this, the logo swap is great, the text is great, and also the zoom into his eyes is great. EVERYTHING is great.

I look foward to your graphics as I belive you can do great in the future.

In the end this gets a solid 9 out of a 10, good joob, keep it up!


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Sweet sig, love the splatter effects/brushing, and the colour scheme is perfect for Riga's logo.  Great lighting and stock work on the body of the render but his face is slightly over sharpened, also would like to see this without the double render, just feel like it's placed a little awkwardly and would look cleaner without.  Font choice is on point and the splatter effect fits the theme.  Overall 9/10

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