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Kid Frost on Progress


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Local ESPN Radio show "Wildin' with the Wolfpack" recently caught up with VHL wingman Kid Frost.  While never the most talented nor most highly touted, Kid Frost continues to slowly but surely carve out a VHL career.  The host, Fuzzy Lupus, recently talked to Kid Frost about what motivated him to continue to chase a career, even amidst the face of uncertainty.  Here's what he Wolf himself had to say:


"Fuzz!  That's a great question.  It's something that I've had to think about a few times.  What keeps Kid Frost motivated?  What makes me come back week in and week out and try to get better via practice.  It's a question that there's not necessarily a clear and concise answer to.  Hell, some people might even question his motivation at all.  However, the consistency of even try to improve via practice and training weekly is an example of motivation.  As one wise man said, 'slow motion is better than no motion.'  At the end, it's a long journey.  It's a marathon.  And as long as I get a little bit better each week, it's going to not only help myself out, but ultimately help out my coach and my teammates.  And to me, that counts for something.  While I may never be a star, and I've said that before, I definitely will be someone who's taking the slow road to success."

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