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What the VHL needs


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It’s no secret that the VHL is growing more and more each season! The VHL has been on a steady rise with no signs of stopping. However, we need to do some more work. 

For the die hard VHLers here, it can be pretty boring once you’ve done your tpe tasks, there really isn’t much to do after, until the next week. 

I think an easy fix for this would be to great more jobs within the league. Get more people involved. It would help the boredom along, and also benefit the league from all different sides. 

jobs could include: advertising, marketing, social media (social media’s aren't posting enough to stay interesting), event management (to cultivate and run more events), the list is endless, but it could kill 2 birds with one stone and improve the league more than it already has. 

it’s costs no real money, gets more people involved, and helps grow the league and spread the word. That way, maybe we can work up to have full rosters across all 3 leagues. 

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