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Warsaw Struggles in Early Season


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Warsaw, Poland - Looks like the Warsaw Predators are still in a bit of a championship hangover.


Through twenty games - over a quarter of the season - our Polish skaters and netminders have yet to go more than a few games without a loss, and their once-vaunted offensive output has sputtered to right around the league average without a compensatory improvement in defense. Indeed, the Predators sit at just a +2 total goal differential, good for sixth-overall in the league. And while that's not the sole determinant in a team's season-long trajectory, it's sounded alarm amongst Warsaw fans who hoped to see a similar track to their dominant prior two regular seasons.


"Warsaw's letting my fantasy team down! Aloe Dear suuuuuucks!" One Redditor commented on a recent post-game thread.


"Why does the league have to change so much every season? I bet my life savings on the Predators winning it all again and an unknown number keeps calling me every day with some weird laughing, then hanging up," FairWeatherFan14584 replied.


It's unclear what exactly is causing the Predators' woes this season, as they kept the majority of their championship-winning cast from last season on board. While some have pointed fingers at netminder Ajay Krishna, a single player is unlikely to be solely responsible for Warsaw's early season woes.

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