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New goon in town


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Steve Eso has become insensed! He’s totally out of control! He’s becoming a very angry player and has not only tied Happy Gilmore for taking a skate off and trying to stab somebody but this attitude he’s got he’s out of control! He beat the living shit out of Tanky who’s supposed to be a league tough guy but he showed him what a coward and weakling he truly is! Steve Eso is gaining respect around the league for being a new goon a crazy mother fucker! Beating up everyone in his fights, trying to stab somebody with his skate what possibly could be next for this man? Will he attempt to boomerang a opposing team? Chase a coach or attack the fans? The VHL will truly be watching this kind of behaviour but guess what. Steve Eso don’t give a fuck that’s for damn sure so stay clear of his war path he’s on cause he will draw blood and add you to the long list of names he got his hands on. Just ask Tanky how it felt to get his face punched in so bad. Be warned VHL cause this player is no joke and is the real deal kids 

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On 8/2/2021 at 5:18 AM, Prout said:

The VHL will truly be watching this kind of behaviour

You’re goddamn right. 

Keep an eye out for “bigAL ROCK EM SOCK EM 79”, coming to a VCR near you soon!

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