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Talli Talk 4 | More Random Thoughts

Patrik Tallinder

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- So I have this game on my phone called Hockey Legacy Manager 21 (HLM 21) which is essentially EA NHL franchise mode without the actual playing part. It's extremely well done, and as a fun little project I simulated a season where the Wranglers played in the NHL. I have all the stats saved and I'm planning on making a media spot at some point about it, so stay tuned for that.


- The VHFL reports are back, and I'm pretty happy with how things are going so far. 3rd is nothing to scoff at, and I will also end up getting that sweet extra manager TPE lol. VHFL is easily one of my favourite little things in the VHL, and one that certainly encourages myself and others to pay attention to which players are currently dominating in the league. It has only gotten better and better since I joined too, with the top players lists releasing every season for the past little while.


- Back in my earliest days in the VHL, I made graphics ever week that were wallpapers/backgrounds for each VHL/M team. I've decided to reboot that series for fun because I'm really lacking in the idea department lately. So look out for those.


But yeah, that's about it for today. See ya next week!

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