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I just noticed that I earn less money than I did last year! I make 250k less as a VHL player. That is interesting, 250k is a lot of money. I could buy a new house with that kind of money or I could spend it on whatever.


I'm currently renting a place in Riga, but I have been wondering about that house, should I get one? That would be a massive purchase, easily the biggest in my life. However, what is nice about living in Riga is the prices, they are not as brutal as in some other VHL cities. I can get a lot more value for my dollar over here, which is nice.  


Because we travel so much as hockey players, I would not get to enjoy that house as much as many other people. On the other hand, I would not be ''wasting'' my money on rent. I need to think about it and get my agent's opinion. He represents a lot of hockey players around the world, he should have some tips and comments on what I should do.


The place I'm renting is close to the arena where we practice, I can walk there in 15 minutes. That is awesome. When the weather is nice, nothing beats walking to practice and back.

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