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A decent start of the season for Duncan Idaho


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A decent start of the season for Duncan Idaho


Just like last season, Duncan Idaho is off to a red hot start. After twenty games into the season he scored 27 points so far. In agreement with the Moscow Menace management he used the offseason to work on his passing game as well and it looks to be paying off. With 13 goals and 14 assists he has a very balanced statline, but not good enough yet to be in the forward top 10. Currently the mark would be at 30 points, so he is still a bit behind that. Idaho is shared 9th in the goals department, so this is still something he could improve upon. Assist wise he is still below a lot of others, but this should come when the rest of his teammates improve further as well.


One stat that Idaho takes pride in, is the Hits leaderboard. With 112 hits he currently shares the second position with multiple time Boulet winner Groovy Dood, something he can be proud of! Another thing to be proud of that despite his amount of hits, he is not listed in the top 10 for penalty minutes, as this list contains multiple goons like Bob Tristan, Tanky, Druss Deathwalker and ofcourse Alex Letang. 

So far it looks like a good start of his season, but lets hope this wont jinx it all like what happened last season.

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