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The Seabasstard's thought's on Moscow's record


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The Moscow Menace have stalled out of the gate this season. They were only able to win 50% of their games so far but they are currently holding down a wildcard spot in the European Conference with their 9-9-2 record. Lets be real here nobody really expected the Menace to be able to compete this year so if they end up earning a playoff spot , it's a huge step forward for the franchise. We caught up with the Seabasstard to get his thoughts on his team's record.


" We haven't been good but haven't been bad. We lost a lot of close games which hasn't helped our record but we're getting scoring from across the whole lineup which is great. I feel like we're capable of stealing more games down the road and I feel like we still have more to offer as I think we're a better team than what everyone else thinks. I'm pretty confident that this team can earn it's way into the playoffs this year. I also feel like you guys havent seen nothing yet as this team has a lot of untapped potential and we're going to just keep getting better as the season goes on. "


The menace are currently on a 3 game winning streak after posting wins against the Legion and the Phoenix. They're looking to extend the streak tonight against the Calgary Wranglers, so stay tuned!

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