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The story of NineIQ V2

NineIQ v2

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The story of NineIQ V2


Hello everyone, I am NineIQ (now NineIQ V2) and I am here to tell the story of how I got into the VHL. So around when I was 4 I saw my brother playing this game. I quickly asked my dad about it and he said it was called hockey. Around when I was close to 7 years old, I was… short about 3’8 and most kids were about 4’0. (Everyone knows what’s coming next) I got bullied, by my own teammates and even people at school because of my height. It was not easy, it never was, but I was not about to give up. Around February I… scored… a… goal… wait, I SCORED and it felt great. I remember seeing the puck go into the net onto the right side and come out on the left side.

The next season.


After that one goal last season, I was wanting more, I always did and I got around to a tournament, I was excited as I never had one, not even the past season. I was still on C level (C is lowest) but I was still having fun. In the tournament we got rekt but I scored a goal so I called it a win and waited for the next game. Another tournament came around and I… was… ready. In the first game I scored a goal pretty fast and we dominated that game but then we got to the finals, it was overtime, it did not help that my coach was putting only the high scoring players on the ice and not me or the others and the other team shot, I had a clear vision of it, I was seeing the goalies glove move and it hit his glove. The puck was not found until they found a hole in the net. Then it all made sense, the puck had gone through the net and… we… lost. For the rest of the season I was doing pretty good and was keeping up, I managed to get a total of 4 goals that season and that was it.


A disappointment.


In my third season I was teamed up with this guy I will call Chad, he was a bit of a jerk and made fun of people for all their mistakes. When someone was doing a drill he said to them, that’s not how you do it, even NineIQ can do it better. I did not know what to say at that moment because I knew this guy was going to say that. Anyways as we go on during the season the first tournament happens and we DOMINATE, through the whole tournament we destroy teams until the finals. On the other team was my good friend from school and during the game it was close. The game went to overtime and it was so close until the time ran out, and we went to a shoutout. After 5 shots the puck got stopped by our goalie and it was all up to my teammate, he was skating towards the net and he shot… AND HE SCORED, after around 3 hours we finally had a winner and it felt like it was midnight, BECAUSE IT WAS. Anyways the next tournament we were passing by nicely with minor obstacles and I got 2 goals, all I wanted was to pass my goal record every year, and we got to the finals, after a long time the other team won but I did not care because I was too tired to, I just wanted to get of the ice. Through the rest of the season I did not get another goal and I really hated it, there were times where I got a good shot in but it was not enough.


Note: I might make another part of this story, also this is all true, and did actually happen.

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2 hours ago, Tate said:



I like the fact that you increased the font size and made it bold, it was quite easy to read. The overall flow of the media was well done and easy to follow and I found it engaging. It would be good to add some pictures perhaps and spruce it up with a bit of color, but good job nonetheless!



Thanks, it was the power of google docs

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