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Minion Presents #5 Interviews with Minion

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Minion Presents #5 - time for some Big name interviews 

So about a week back I asked people if they wanted to be interviewed and some huge names in the VHL and the VHLM applied. Names like Alex_J(Reapers agm), Sam(21st new Gm), Mcwoof(the newest VHLM commis). However we have to go thought the part nobody reads first


Minion Updates on upcoming Minion presents 

Minion Presents #6 Minions all stars                                        date: August 2021

Minion Presents #8 VHLM playoffs predictions  Season 79    date: The day before playoffs


Minion’s News

Good day everybody or night depends on when you are reading this. Today On minion New we are discussing my plans for the rest of the season and updates from around the VHL. so first off congrats to dashboot on getting his banner voted as the new championship banner on the main page. This amazing looking banner right there. Now to some updates on my player. Minion is set to hit 250 TPE around the time you are reading this and is a force to be reckoned with. Also with this in mind the playoff race seems it will be really tight this year with even this early on in the season tons of teams are already profeming better than I thought they would. And with the upcoming drafts looking solid already with only one week played I think there's room for hype already.

Season Standing Predictions

With the season in full swing I thought I would throw out some Predictions on the season standing. Even tho I’m making predictions I’m not sure any will come true I will be a tight race for sure.

  1. Hounds

  2. Reapers

  3. Kings

  4. Marauders

  5. 21st

  6. Wild

  7. Marlins

  8. Lynx

  9. Rush

  10. Bulls

  11. Storm

  12. Aces


Interviews with Minion

Ledge and Dairy(Riga Agm)

Minion:Hello Ledge My name is Minion, I'm reaching out to interview you for Minion present #5. How long have you been and Agm and what is some advice would you give other user trying out of a agm job?

Ledge:Hey man  I've been an AGM for 3 seasons now, and my advice to aspiring AGMs would be to not get discouraged, because there are always openings and if you keep plugging you'll get one eventually.

Minion:What’s your plans for you player this season?

Ledge: Lead defenceman in scoring, and lead the league in plus/minus and blocked shots, but I never want to be satisfied

Minion: The VHLE is starting about next season are you gonna try for a job in the new league?

Ledge: Hell yes, although I think I have a better shot at the inevitable VHLM GM openings

Minion: What team do you want to GM the most?

Ledge: In the E, probably Cologne, I like their logo

Minion: And the VHLM?

Ledge: whatever opens up

Minion: Alright thank you

Ledge: thanks man


Alex_J(Reapers Agm)

Minion:hello Alex my name is Minion I'm here regarding an interveiw for Minion presents five. So currently you are a Agm of the reapers what do you think of the team you have and your play so far in the season?

Alex_J: Hi Minion, Thanks for the interview! I am really happy with the team we have, we have a great looking top 6 forward group, and our D-core should improve as the season goes on. I could not be more impressed with Darth Kaprizov and Tobias Reinhart this season as both have been excellent on the ice and in the locker room. Connor Wilson's play has also been great this season and they are fitting well into larger role. Before the season started I had us going toe to toe with Miami all season long as InstantRockstar has put together a great team there, and the season series has almost shaped into a mini playoff series as we have all 8 games within the first 10 games of the season, which has been a lot of fun! So far in the season we are 3-2, which I am happy with and hopefully we'll see that record improve as the season goes on.

Minion:whats your plans with your player Alex johnston for the season?

Alex_J:My plans with my player this season is to just focus on improving as the season goes along. I need to improve defensively so I can hold my own in the defensive zone as well as develop into more of a two-way role. I would also like to score a goal at some point this season, lol! I am very happy with my role in Calgary and I think we have a great team that will be a lot for other teams to handle come the playoffs.

Minion:If you could add any player to your teams who would it be?

Alex_J:I am very happy with the team we have in Philadelphia as we have a great group both on the ice and in the locker room, if I could add anything to the team it would probably be a 5th player at defense. With Calgary I don't think we really need to add anything, and I think Ricer has done a great job putting this group together.

Minion:Alright I have one more question. What are your plans with the whole VHLE are you gonna try for a gm job with the new league or stay agm?

Alex_J:With the introduction of the VHLE there will be a lot of job openings in both the VHLE and VHLM, as much as I would love the experience of being one of the first VHLE GMs. I would prefer a VHLM GM job, since joining Kaleeb in Philadelphia I've realized that there is no better feeling than introducing a player to the league and getting to watch them thrive and develop even after they leave your team in either the draft or to the VHL. When I came into the league I can still remember the discussion that Juice had with me about how everything works as well as what the league is like as a whole. Since then I try to welcome every player with the same attitude that Juice did for me, and create an open and inviting environment for every player who comes into the VHLM.

Minion:Thank you for your time Alex_j. that's all the question I have for you right now.

Viper (Jacob Brozak)

Minion: Hello Viper my name is minion I have a couple questions for regarding you player Jacob brozak. what is you plan TPE wise for Jacob this season?

Viper:First off, It's Brozik smh.

Second off, I will try to cap out when I can, but will not push myself. I plan to get to 230 TPE at some point, but won't be upset if I miss that goal.

Minion: Sorry about that, I was guessing how to spell it. What do you think of the team you have with the hounds? Is Z a good GM of the team?

Viper: I like everyone on this team, and I think we have a great shot at the cup. I also think Z is an excellent GM of the Hounds, along with Cow as the AGM.

Minion: alright thank you One more question. with the VHLE starting up next season are you planing to play in the first eb]very season of the VHLE or do you plan to play down in the VHLM or VHL?

Viper: I plan on spending a season in the VHLE, try and possibly get a record or two, and head up to play for Davos in the VHL.

Minion: alright thank you for your time that's all.

Viper: Thanks for having me


Brewins15 (halifax GM)

Minion: Hello Sam My name is Minion I reaching out for a interveiw for Minion presents #5.

You recently got selected to be GM of 21st. and I wanted to now what you think of the job so far? do you think the team you built could win the Cup?

Sam: The job has been a bit of a learning curve but that was expected. No I don't think we will win the cup and it's not really what we were going for in the team this season

Minion: What are you plans for the upcoming off season?

Sam: It really depends on what happens the rest of this season and how well the team does leading up to the trade deadline. That's when we will decide if we are going all in this season or next.

Minion: What are you plans with you player this season?

Sam: To put in as much work as I can and do the best I can to help Calgary towards their cup goal.

Minion: Do you plan to stay as 21st gm or try to become a VHLE gm

Sam: I plan to stay down in Halifax for the foreseeable future

Minion:Aright thank you for you time Sam

Sam: thank you for having me


Mcwoof(VHLM commish and London's GM)

Minion: Hello Mcwolf I'm reaching out to you for some questions for Minion presents #5.

You recently got selected to be a new commish of the VHLM for do you like it so far? Do you have a favorite part of the job? 

Mcwoof: I like it. There are a lot of new things that I need to get used to, especially since I haven't been involved with the VHLM for 6 full seasons. My current player has been in the VHL for the past 7 seasons and I left Saskatoon at the end of S72. A lot has changed in these 6 seasons, so I'm basically catching up with all these changes for now. Once I get the hang of it, we'll see if there are changes that d_a and I feel like we should be doing. The VHLM is a league in constant motion, with a quick turnaround, and the addition of the VHLE next season should make it even more interesting.

Minion: “And what advice would you give somebody who may want to become a Commish in the future?”

Mcwoof: I don't know if aspiring to become a commissioner is realistic. Honestly, when I joined the VHL 3 years ago, I never thought I'd end up in this position. My advice would be to just enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. Who knows, one day some spot might open up, maybe not for a commissioner, but maybe for another job. You could apply and get it, and then you start climbing the steps one by one at that point. And obviously, if you want a shot at one of these jobs, being present on both the forum and the Discord server is always a huge plus; it's how others get to know you better and that's what eventually leads to you getting of these jobs.

Minion: One more question for you what do you think of you team in London? Do you think you have a shot at the cup?

Mcwoof: This season is sadly not about winning the Cup for London. We shot our shot in the last couple of seasons, but we were hit this offseason by a couple of retirements and we felt like it would make more sense for us to try to assemble a younger core. It's a shame that our veterans never got to play in the Continental Cup finals, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. We've been in the league for 6 years, made the playoffs 3 times, including twice as the 2nd seed in the European Conference, but we haven't even managed to win a single series. We'll see how things go though. I don't plan on this being a long and painful rebuild. We already have a great future core, so we just need to build around them, through the draft, through free agency or through trades.

Minion: Thank for you time mcwolf that’s all the questions I have,


Minion:Hello Dylan my name is Minion I'm reaching out with some questions for you for minion presents #5

So I heard you are big in stayong in the VHLM do you have any plans to play in the VHL and what don't you update more

Dylan:hello minion. i currently have no plans on playing in vhl. i dont update more because updating means retiring faster.

Minion:Dylan you are knew VHLM how many teams have you played and what ones been you favourite

Dylan:i have played on six teams: halifax 21st, mexico city kings, yukon rush, minnesota storm, mississauga hounds and saskatoon wild. i enjoyed winning cups with minnesota and mexico but my favourite would be halifax who i have played for with all my players

Minion: Do you plan on trying out the VHLE in the future

Dylan: currently my player is not electric so will be unable to play in vhle

Minion: alright Thanks


Words by person: Viper 109, Alex_J 464, Ledge 87, Dylan 77, Sam 113, Mcwoof 382 , Minion 1006


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Great job. Having the different colors for the different people was a neat idea. It didn't look terrible and made everything easy to read. Interviews are always good because you get a look into a players or coaches head. 10/10

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