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Being Better - Sigard Petrenko


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MISSISSAUGA - Sigard Petrenko has had a decent season. However, the winger has been scoring less goals than he’d like to. Last season, Sigard scored 19 goals in 30 games. This season? He currently has 9 goals in 22 games. He has ‘made up’ for it with 25 assists but the young winger fears that simply assisting isn’t good enough to ground him as an efficient first line winger.


“Our team has been slightly shaky as of late and I think I need to step up my shooting game if I want to be a good first line winger. So far, I’ve depended on passing to Will [AJ Williams] and Otto [Numminen] but I can only assist so much before I become a liability of sorts. I haven’t scored in a while and more than half of my goals have been on the power play. I usually don’t care about myself scoring goals as long as others are scoring goals but I need to be able to step up when I need to. If my inability to score more goals is stopping us from becoming the best hockey team, I need to be better.”


Of course, being better has been the goal for Petrenko from the start. But now, he needs to reach that goal more than ever.

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