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Chasing Cups


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          Eh, I thought it was a catchy title, regardless if it seems bland or not. Couldn't really matter less anyway, since it relates to the article. I'm just gonna go over the Reign's season from my POV as AGM and defenceman.


   It's been an interesting last few weeks, that's for sure, in the VHL for Riga. Despite having arguably one of the best teams on paper in the league, a few players, including Linus, are heading towards a downward turn in point totals from last season, even though very few experienced depreciation. Cabe McJake has been phenomenal, but his supports have been above average at best. A week or two ago, we acquired impending retiree winger Mikey Harris from the Legion in an effort to spark some offense, and it has and hasn't worked out so far. He started off hot, which was promising, but dropped off. The hope is that we can clinch a playoff berth and he will provide adequate depth, as needed for a championship team (think Tyler Johnson, Yanni Gourde, or Ondrej Palat on Tampa last season). We also very recently dealt freshman blueliner Erlantz Jokinen due to ice time concerns, which indirectly is totally my fault, so I feel pretty embarrassed about the whole situation. We were able to acquire two S81 picks, a first rounder and a second, and Nixon Caldwell, another depth piece to replace Jokinen. Overall, the skies are definitely clearer than they were last season, and fingers crossed that we can get over the playoff wall.


255 words for the updater :) 

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