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Random stats about the Mississauga Hounds


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A list of Mississauga's records against other teams in the VHLM this season:


Minnesota: 7-0-0

Halifax: 4-1-1

Houston: 4-0-0

Philadelphia: 2-0-1

Las Vegas: 2-0-0

San Diego: 2-0-0

Mexico: 2-1-0

Ottawa: 2-1-0

Saskatoon: 1-1-0

Yukon: 1-1-0

Miami: 1-1-0


Thought it would be cool to look at the Hounds rivals and other stats this season. There has not been any teams yet to figure out Mississauga... Saskatoon, Yukon, and Miami are the only teams to not have a losing record. It is hard to say if these teams can beat Mississauga in a playoff run or not since it has only been two games. What surprises me is the amount of games played against Minnesota already. I am happy about it since it has only been wins though lol.


Something about this team that amazes me is the depth, especially in the forward category. The top two lines consisting of Williams - Numminem - Petrenko and Minion - Dixon - Bob are both super strong with 5/6 players at a maxed 250 TPA. Out of Mississauga's 180 GF, these two top lines has contributed to 100 of those goals (55%). As well as 274 points. And the craziest part is that Gaspar Zakrevsky leads the team in goals and points on the third line! This team has insane depth it's unbelievable. Zakrevsky and Minion are also both top 10 for points in the league for forwards.


The defence on this team hold their own as well. Kitson and Eightnine are big contributors to points (Eightnine 11-35-46 and Kitson 20-25-45). I really don't know everything about STHS and how it works since the highest scoring forward on the team is on the third line and the highest scoring defenceman is on the second pairing. Don't really care though because the team is winning and I'm pumped to be apart of it.


Have to mention or goalie too, Luke Spinelli. 29-5-2 record with a 0.9 SV% and 5 shutouts... A shutout every 7 games is wild. Spinelli leads the league in wins and shutouts this season, top 5 in Save % and GAA.





The Hounds are literally Snipers and Grinders, be scared. 



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