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That Dude Trudging Along


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That Dude and his London United teammates are trudging along this season -- they've accumulated just 31 points through the first 32 games of the season which isn't exactly what they are accustomed to over the last two seasons. But these United teammates aren't quite out of the postseason yet, finding themselves just five points out of the 4th/5th playoff ticket in the European Conference (currently held by Warsaw Predators and Prague Phantoms).


"It hasn't been an easy year by all means. I've been saying this the last few weeks or so but we knew that we would need to battle and fight even harder this year than we have over the last two years. We have less starpower and the players are generally a little younger/less experienced. More of the load of the team has fallen on some individuals' shoulders, myself included. I've sort of taken on the role of the enforcer of the team this year, dishing out the most hits of all London folks. That's something that I've never envisioned myself doing -- but it was a necessity for the best of the team. Sure, that means me picking up more penalty minutes -- but if that shows our team my heart and willingness to lay it all out on the rink for my homies, then so be it. 


What I want to do more is to help our team win games. That's always been my main objective. It's been a long season, but we're all trying our best, battling along. Doing what my team management feels is the best for me in order to positively contribute." 

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