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SAN DIEGO, CA – A day after offering an olive branch to his team to end the ongoing off-ice situation, San Diego Marlins defenseman Vanek Lospenov seems poised for an offseason in the free agent pool, according to his agent.


Lospenov, 22, made headlines, yesterday, after offering to suppress his public cries of discontent with the Marlins’ front office and General Manager Thad Sales in a statement made by his agent Christian Gostlivic.


Many, including Lospenov, were hoping for a subdued exchange between the two parties, but since asking for a meeting with the Marlins, Lospenov and Gostlivic have heard nothing but silence from the San Diego offices.


“We offered to sit down, like grown-ups, and talk things through,” said Gostlivic. “The silence from the Marlins is heard, and it makes very clear the team’s position on the matter.”


Gostlivic, who originally negotiated Lospenov’s contract renewal last offseason, stated: “At this point, we are tired of trying. We have looked into all the options that the team provided Mr. Lospenov with and have not found any of those options to be worthwhile without a conversation.”


When asked if Lospenov was considering free agency when his contract expires at the end of this season, Gostlivic said: “All we know is that the Marlins don’t want Mr. Lospenov here, so I would say it’s unlikely he will be here next season.”


Lospenov is coming off of a night with an assist and five blocks in the Marlins’ 6-2 loss against the Mississauga Hounds.

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