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S79 VHLM Draft Recap Top 5


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I am bored and wanted to see how the top 5 S79 VHLM draft picks have been doing halfway into this season. Enjoy.



Pick 1


AJ Williams

Mississauga Hounds


So this is obviously my player, going into the draft my player was the highest TPE ranked out of all the draftees in the first round. I was unsure whether or not I would move up to the VHL right away or stay down, I ended up staying down for the season to bank TPE and I am glad I did since it has been a super fun season so far with the Hounds. Going into the draft my player sat at 223 TPE and now has reached the cap of 250, 292 in total. It was a fast paced start for points and especially goals as my player was in the top 10 in the league for the first bit. The points have slowed down now but the Hounds are in first place so that's all I care about.



45 points in 36 games is nothing to be mad about, I am easily on pace to beat my season in Ottawa. My player has had an average of 11 capped TPE/week, I get unmotivated to do reviewing when trivia is not an option. I would say my player is doing well and deserves that first overall pick.



Pick 2


Alessandro Nano

Miami Marauders


When Nano was drafted 2nd overall I was a bit confused. Nano was not even top 5 TPE for the S80 draft class and was not the best defenceman draftee. Since then Nano has been doing well for mainly being a welfare collector. Entering the draft at 150 TPE, Nano has since then gained 9.33 capped TPE weekly and sits at 211 TPE. This is not maxed capped but at this pace, Miami will have a maxed 250 TPE defenceman ready for playoffs. Nano's stats look good as well, a playmaking/checking defenceman almost at a point per game. Nano sits in the top 5 in the league for hits and something that I also find interesting is that 3 out of 5 of their goals are powerplay goals which means Nano can produce on the powerplay.


In all honestly I would not have picked Nano 2nd overall but I think they are doing a great job for Miami and helping the team a lot.



Pick 3


Corey Kitson

Mississauga Hounds


Kitson is who I would have placed at 2nd overall for this draft if Miami really wanted a defenceman. Out of the top players in the S80 draft class, Kitson is the highest ranked defenceman and also the highest average capped TPE earner. Kitson entered at 184 TPE and now sits at 237, earning 12 capped TPE weekly since the draft happened. Kitson is 6th in the league for points right behind his partner Eightnine who I will be talking about later. Nykonax is the AGM for the Vancouver Wolves so it is easy to say that he knows how to build a player. Kitson has gorgeous attributes for a VHLM player (87 scoring, 90 defence). Do not fact check me but that has to be the highest defence stat in the M if I am not mistaken.



Kitson has been doing unbelievably well since the draft with TPE earning and points. 45 points along with 20 goals in 36 games as a defenceman is amazing. Kitson is helping Mississauga run the league this year big time.



Pick 4


Tony Adams

Ottawa Lynx


Ottawa may have drafted Adams, but soon after the draft Adams packed his bags to Mississauga. Fonzi is the GM for the Vancouver Wolves so funny enough he joins his AGM Nykonax in Mississauga as well as @Zetterberg, his first round pick. Adams is a hard hitting defensive defenceman and was the 3rd defenceman to go in the S79 draft. Adam leads the league in hits and penalty minutes. I think that Adams was a great trade for the Hounds, an enforcer was needed for the league's leading team in goals. If your team is full of stars players, you need a Dave Semenko. Adams has done well in TPE earning as well, 10.66 since the draft.



I do believe that Adams could have dropped lower in the draft but it is hard to pass on a member like Fonzi.



Pick 5


Saku Kotkakoivu

Mexico City Kings


THE DA(A)D OF THE LEAGUE. Saku Kotakoivu has had a great season so far with Mexico. Their 85 scoring attribute has sure come into play as 22 of Kotkakoivu's points are goals. Kotkakoivu is the 2nd ranked centreman of the S80 draft class but has gained 12 capped TPE weekly, so they could easily be the best soon at that pace. Going into the draft Saku sat at 149 TPE and will hit the max of 250 very soon as they are at 244 currently. DaaD is an active and senior member of the league, so it is easy to see why they did not drop lower than 5th overall. 


Sorry this image looks weird, had to screenshot on my phone for some reason lol. I do not know DaaD too well or else I would have more to say, but I can say that I think Kotkakoivu is having a great VHLM season so far and helping Mexico stay in the top 3 in the league.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS (literally just my other teammates who got drafted)



Pick 8


Sven Eightnine

Mississauga Hounds


Barzal is another active member in this league so I am guessing the only reason he dropped to 8th is because entering the draft Eightnine only had 133 TPE. Eightnine has only gained an average of 8 capped TPE weekly but it really does not matter because the guy is a scoring machine. Top 5 in points in the league for defenceman with 11 goals and 35 assists in 36 games, right above Kitson . Eightnine can also throw the body around, second in the league for hits. Took me a while to realize that his name is seven eight nine, so dumb that it is funny.



Pick 20


Sigard Petrenko

Mississauga Hounds


Honestly stumped why Petrenko went 20th... maybe they did not let the league know they were staying down. Petrenko entered the draft at 229 TPE earned and has earned 12 capped TPE weekly. The guy went 7th overall in the VHL draft too, absolute stud. Petrenko has 10 goals and 35 assists in 36 games and is even cute enough to be my linemate this year for Mississauga. I think Petrenko was a massive steal and will help the Hounds in the playoffs for sure. Like myself, Petrenko started the season off flying. I am pretty sure they were top 5 in the league in points for a while. Since then it has slowed down but like I said before, the Hounds are in first so that is all that really matters.



The title is kind of misleading and I'm mostly just hyping up my teammates but whatever goodbye.


1187 words (Week ending August 15, August 22)






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Really good idea to take a look back at the draft and you can really see how it has influenced this season with the top teams being those who had a top 5 pick (as well as Philadelphia ;) ). It is very well written, and does a great job showing where everyone has gone since the draft. It could be pretty cool if you could somehow turn this into a series, possibly looking at sleepers and busts from previous drafts. Great job! 9/10 

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Really nice article. Miami took a risk with their pick and it has been successful for them so far. My only problem with this is that there's no mention of the man, the myth, the Legend Link Zhang!!!!!!    Nah just joking, but I like your in-depth research like showing how Nano works in all facets of the game. 10/10

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