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What if the VHL Europe was the VHL Quebec?

Baby Boomer

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What if the VHL Europe was the VHL Quebec?


As you know, a new league was recently born. The new league is only made of teams located in Europe. In this series, I will recreate this league, but with only teams located in the province of Quebec. We will start immediately with the first city, Gatineau. Gatineau is a big city located in the west of Quebec along the border of Ontario just besides Ottawa. There have been talks about relocating the Ottawa Senators to Gatineau, but the talk has never been really serious. Gatineau is a city with 285 000 people and a big hockey city who should have its own team. The second and last city for part one of this mini-series is Trois-Rivières. Trois-Rivières is a city with 138 000 people. They are currently hosting a team from the ECHL, the Trois-Rivières Lions. The Lions will play their first season ever this year. They are the affiliated team.

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I've got hopes for two teams in this series.


First, every league needs a heel team everyone else hates. Gimme my hometown Shawville Pontiacs as the token Anglo team, just to remind the VHLQ who went home happy after the Plains of Abraham.


Second, I really want a team in Shawinigan so we can give the away team's fans the good ol' Shawinigan Handshake every night on the way out.





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