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Tell ‘Em Dun-can


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Tell ‘Em Dun-can


So one more vhl.com was needed for my uncapped tpe package so here it is, Duncan Idaho will be rambling about random vhl stuff that pops in his mind.


  • Today I learned that it is already 26 years ago that Jerry Garcia died. For people that don’t know who he was, it was @GustavMattiashis first player. We are now in Season 79, so if this is just six seasons ago we can conclude that a single season in the vhl takes 4 1/3  year or that Jerry Garcia played as a corpse his entire career. You decide.
  • When I created together with Mr Hatter, I ordered two funko’s of both Paul and Duncan. They were supposed to be released september last year. Yet they still aren’t here. Stupid movie delay probably responsible for this
  • Jason Momoa who plays Duncan Idaho in the movie, would like to see an uncut version of the movie, so it takes a few hours. So I would like to propose livesims for the vhl aswell were games are displayed in real time. Have fun watching these life sims everyone.
  • When looking at the standings today, all but one European team is on a winning streak. So this settles the debate which conference is better. I don’t care that this is just a temporary view, i feel this is enough to claim superiority over the other side of the league.

This is already enough for my vhl.com, have a good week vhl!

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