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Eagles seen partying late


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Tom Eagles production this year has been spiraling out of control as he is currently looking at one of his lowest productive seasons since he started. To top it all off, it has been rumored that Eagles has been seen leaving clubs late at night for the past 2 weeks.


"We are aware of the allegations of a player staying out late and we will look into those allegations " said Greg Eagles, AGM of the Wranglers " We let the players go about their lives as they want, as long as they are at practice and give it 100 percent when we play games."

We tried to reach out to Tom Eagles for comment but calls were left unanswered. Tom is usually good at getting back to the media but he may have been resting from his nights out.

We will follow the story and see what comes out of this. If the rumor is true, the Wranglers will definitely not want Eagles to continue down this path. It is bad enough that one of their top defenseman is struggling this year and adding late nights and partying will not help the situation.

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