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WJC Commissioner Opening


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You may or may not have heard, but I got a bit of a promotion around here. My new job gives me 6 Job Pay TPE per week, every week, so idgaf about this piddly 2 TPE anymore. Come get it.


Nah, for real I love this job. The World Juniors Championship is the premiere off-season tournament of the VHLM/E. It takes a dedicated group of people to pull it off, and it all begins with the team of commissioners. That two-person team is down to two, and we need YOU to replace me.


I won't lie, if you do it properly, this is a tough job. It's about three weeks per season, but those are three hectic weeks. You aren't a GM of a hockey team, you're the GM of the GMs. You need the experience, wisdom, and patience to support and guide first-time managers who have a bazillion questions about everything under the sun. You need the marketing skills of a Mad Man, because if you can't make anyone give a shit about the tournament, it doesn't exist. You need to have character and be an excellent judge of character, because you end up being a gatekeeper to the next generation of VHL managers. If you do it properly, it's a tough job.


But! You're not alone. You've got a partner in RJ who you'll work very closely with from beginning to end. I'm not going anywhere, and will help with onboarding for the first season. Our VSN correspondents are founts of institutional knowledge. You'll be set up for success.


I hope this helps give some insight into what the job is. It's not a GM job, and it's not a job just anyone can do. You don't need to be a grizzled ol' vet of the VHL to apply, but you have to know what you're getting yourself into. Feel free to reach out with questions.


Please express interest in this thread. Don't campaign for/against anyone here. Don't call us, we'll call you. 


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So first thing I want to do is thank everyone who applied. You all made this decision a hard one. At the end of day though a choice had to be made and it has been made. 


I don’t like to make people wait so without any further delay I want to congratulate


 on being my the other commissioner of the WJC with me.


I want to thank everyone for applying and I want to thank everyone who shared ideas on how to better the WJC with me. We will be implementing some of them and I will give ample credit when we do to those whose ideas we use. Thank you all so much.

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