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Nils Godlander's experience in the first day


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August 11th 2021, Nils Godlander signed with the Minnesota Storm in the VHLM. Nils Godlander is a 19 year old 5'9" 185lb Right Winger from Sweden. Nils had a couple offers one from the Yukon Rush and one from the Minnesota Storm. Nils looked at both the offers and there was one offered that caught his attention and that was the offer from the Minnesota Storm Nils got in contact with the Assistant General Manager of the Minnesota Storm and right away he felt like Minnesota Storm would be a great fit about 5 to 10 mins went by and Nils was making sure he was going to make the right choice. Nils got back in contact with the Minnesota Storm and signed a 1 year 1.5 million dollar deal The storm also told Nils he would get to play in the top 6 which he was very happy to hear. Nils was very excited to start playing for the Storm and start his career off with such an amazing team the Storm has some excellent players even though they are on a cold streak next season i bet they will come back better than ever this gives some of their newer players some top 6 playing time and gives the management time to see what they plan to do in the off season and even in the next season. Nils was welcomed by the General Manager and Assistant General Manager of the Storm and felt very good about his choice they both made him feel very welcomed. Nils Has been working on his game quite a bit he is quite small compared to most players but has the Agility and IQ to actually play quite well he has lots of potential he just needs to improve in some areas of his game and he will succeed. Nils hopes to Impress the management and hopes to get picked up by the Storm next season he really feels the team has potential to be a contender but he also just really likes the the team and management. Nils has been playing hockey and has dreamed of playing in the VHL and clearly hes working hard and i think its working out quite well with the help of family, friends and coaches he has got 1 step closer to making that dream happen. Nils said he was definitely nervous to move away by himself from his hometown in Sweden but the Storm have made this a home away from home and helping him do what he needs to do. Nils said hes really enjoying being in Minnesota is definitely different compared to Sweden but hes getting used to it he plans to get his family down to Minnesota to watch some games and show them around Minnesota. Nils is supposed to play in his first game quite soon we are very excited to see him play and hope he puts on a clinic. Nils wants to thank everyone for helping him along this journey to the VHLM and wants to thank the Minnesota Storm for believing in him.




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Review: Solid article! I like how you very straightforward about all of the information. Great analysis of your player as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Good to know that his agility and IQ make up for his lack of size. Even if he isn't the biggest and toughest player, he still seems to show lots of skill and promise. I am glad he is excited to be part of the VHL family and best of luck to him going forward. Your article is great and is very good when it comes to getting to the point as well as explaining why Nils is somebody you should keep your eye out for. Just some feedback, maybe it would help to organize your article into multiple paragraphs in order to make it easier to read instead of having everything in one big intimidating wall. Other than that, solid writing, best of luck in your VHL career!



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