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  • London is actually doing better than I expected. We are currently 6th in the European Conference, 8 points away from a playoff spot, but with 3 games in hand. A couple of players can be thanked for that performance.
  • The Terrible Trivium is having a great bounceback season, after 26-28-54 last season. He's basically a handful of games away from beating that statline, which is what we came to expect from Trivium after his first 5 seasons.
  • Kevin King is still performing better than his TPE shows, as he's well on his way to break the point-per-game mark for the fifth straight season.
  • That Dude is breaking out as we speak. After tougher rookie and sophomore seasons in which he scored career highs of 17 goals and 39 points, he's now only one point away from the point-per-game after playing 37 games.
  • After three seasons playing for the behemoths that are the Bears, Hex Rose was traded to London, where he can finally be featured as one of the main offensive weapons on a line and he is striving in that extended role, as shown by his 18-23-41 statline.
  • Yuuta Kira Cloudera was picked up from the free agents after the opening day of the season and he quickly made every team regret that they didn't sign him earlier. He's breaking out this season with 33 points in 35 games.
  • The goalie tandem of Tater Tot and Dexter Vaughn are doing their best to fill the gap left by Jacob Tonn's retirement. Tot is having the best season of his career in terms of both GAA and SV%, while Vaughn has been excellent in the backup role.
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