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Demotion... Again...


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Demotion - Noun - Reduction in rank or status. A word that Justin Lose knows too well. Justin Lose and Riga Reign were excelling and finally on top of the EU conference for the first time in a long time. When scoring all of a sudden started going into a flat line, the GM decided to change up the lines. Guess who got the demotion? That's right, Justin Lose has been demoted to the 2nd line again. Lose has been on the 2nd line his entire career in the VHLM and VHL.


His stats are a great look at what being on the 2nd line has been like for his career:


Season 74 - Waiver - 8 Goals - 11 Assists - 19 Points - VHLM - Philadelphia Reapers

Season 75 - Drafted - 33 Goals - 43 Assists - 76 Points - VHLM - Mexico City Kings - 1st line demoted to 2nd line

Season 76 - VHL - 23 Goals - 41 Assists - 64 Points - VHL - Riga Reign - 2nd line

Season 77 - 23 Goals - 35 Assists - 58 Points - 2nd line

Season 78 - 37 Goals - 45 Assists - 82 Points - 2nd line promoted to 1st line

Season 79 - 19 Goals - 16 Assists - 35 Points - 1st line demoted to 2nd line


As you can see from these stats, Lose hasn't been able to fully show off his skills as a player when held back on the 2nd line. It just goes to show that his growth was halted by being on the 2nd line.


Frustration - Noun - The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something. Another word that Lose uses in his time with Riga the past few seasons.


"Being demoted is just irritating honestly. I'm always the scapegoat whenever we aren't scoring. When we are scoring I'm getting high praise from everyone. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore to impress the GM. I get demoted to the 2nd line and I get taken off of the powerplay lines and moved to the penalty kill. I'm keeping all of these experiences in my head when my contract is expired next season. Maybe it's time to move on Riga since they stopped believing in me."


With 31 games left Lose is not on pace to beat his career highs that were set last season. Funny enough that was the season where he was a majority on the 1st line for once. If things stay the way they are, Riga would be heading to the playoffs for the first time since Season 76.


"If we make it to the playoffs, this is all going to be put behind us. You want to be 100% focused on the game while in the playoffs. I won't let any distractions get to me. I'll worry about the situation after we win. If we win the cup it will be worth it. Anything less is just not good enough anymore."


Strong words from Lose today. Hopefully, this will inspire Lose to go out and prove that he isn't a career 2nd liner anymore. He wants to be a 1st liner. With Season 80 being his last season on his current contract, is this going to be the end for Lose and Riga?

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Nothing wrong with the 2nd line.  Sometimes GMs will stack the 2nd or 3rd lines to get more favourable matchups.  

Great career so far.  Keep doing what you're doing 🍻

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