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Move over Drivecast, there's a new gimmick in town


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Fun fact: I actually attempted to do a podcast while I was working and walking outside, but the wind and nearby vehicles ripping by made it intolerable to listen to so I never released it.


This reminds me of when one of the cast members of Critical Role did the whole post show on his Peloton.


I think @tfonggets paid a shit ton for moderating so he earns more TPE than it seems.


I love hearing you cry in pain from sweaty eyes.


I don’t think VHLE players will ever get regressed.


We didn’t have to deal with silence, we got to listen to your running gait!


I think the recruitment team is allowed to spend donation money on their efforts.


 I’ve listened thus far.


Only nerds edit 3-pointers. We can’t really hear the auction.


Swim more, nerd.


This is some cool inception. The Discord is giving one sided responses to a stream, and you are forwarding those responses onto another published audio.


@Devise is always horny.


I want to take this stupid podcast idea as a challenge and do something even dumber. Maybe a paddle boarding podcast where at any moment I can drop my phone in the river and/or drown.

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