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Best First Lines in the VHL


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The best line in the league | Boston bruins, Boston bruins hockey, Bruins  hockey


First lines in hockey are key to a team's success. They can make or break a team, and they are counted on night in and night out to deliver against top competition. Today we'll be taking a look at the best in the VHL, here we go! 


Prague Phantoms :prg:

Dominic Gobeil - Venus Thightrap - Dan Baillie Jr 

Goals Scored: 53

Points Scored: 136 

Shots Blocked: 83


This trio has been solid at both ends of the ice, blocking the second-most combined shots among first lines this season. They have also scored the 7th most points. Venus Thightrap, who centers the line, leads Prague in points among forwards with 52, while left wing Dominic Gobeil is tied with Robert Bouchard for the team lead in goals (20). The Phantoms are currently in fourth place in the European Conference. 


Vancouver Wolves :que:

Tyler Reinhart - Jivere Zolnek - Jerome Reinhart 

Goals Scored: 65

Points Scored: 159

Shots Blocked: 43


The first line of the Vancouver Wolves, featuring breakout star Jivere Zolnek and two candidates for rookie of the season, the Reinhart brothers, has been very good. They have scored the third-most points among all first lines this season. Zolnek leads the team in goals, assists and points. Both wings on this line are in the top three in terms of rookie scoring. With all three not even in their prime yet, this line should be together for a long time. 


Seattle Bears :sea:

Jungkok - Valtteri Vaakanainen - Timothy Brown

Goals Scored: 70

Points Scored: 165 

Shots Blocked: 55


This season, Seattle is led up front by three veterans, all in their final season. Even so, they seem nowhere close to retirement on the ice, putting up some excellent numbers. They have scored the second-most points of first lines and blocked the sixth most shots on the best team in North America right now. Vaakanainen is tied with center Andrew Su with 24 goals, most on the Bears. Vaakanainen also leads the team in points with 59. 


Toronto Legion :tor:

Lester Green - Asher Reinhart - Vick Fairchild 

Goals Scored: 66

Points Scored: 150
Shots Blocked: 104 


Toronto's first line is arguably the best two-way line in the league this season. Blocking the most shots among top lines and scoring the fourth most points, they have been a major bright spot on the rebuilding Legion. Fairchild leads the team in goals (26), while Green holds the lead in points (55) and is tied for first in assists (38). 


Malmo Nighthawks:mal:

Druss Deathwalker - Jakob Sosa - Gunnar Odinsson 

Goals Scored: 73

Points Scored: 189

Shots Blocked: 37 


The top three of the league-leading Malmo Nighthawks have been unstoppable on offense this season, scoring the most points by a first line by a wide margin (24 points). Right wing Gunnar Odinsson leads the league in goals (37) and points (87) through 41 games. Sosa is second on Malmo in assists (40), behind Odinsson. Druss Deathwalker is in the midst of a breakout season, scoring at a point-per-game pace. Deathwalker, Sosa, and Odinsson are in the top six in the VHL in terms of plus/minus. 


There you have it! Tune in next time for best top D-pairings and soon after for best goaltending tandems! Hope you enjoyed! 


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